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Dior One Essential Intense Serum 30 Ml

Product Code: 1360277
  • $74.97

Tags: Dior, One, Essential, Intense, Serum, 30, Ml

Basic day & night skin care step, THE ONLY SKIN CARE PRODUCT inspired by the Nobel prize DETACHES TOXINS++ - NEWS++ - ENERGY - INCREASES. It increases the effect of the current skin care product by 4 times! Find it in the content of skin care products Product Content: Hibiscus: (2013 Burkina Faso) Its detoxifying and energizing content grown in the Dior Garden: It stimulates the toxin purification mechanism of the cells' "energy factories" (mitochondria) and triggers cellular energy. DetoxinyleTM: patented as a natural toxin-scavenging active ingredient – algae extract – it stimulates the detoxification mechanism of the cell body and engages in targeted work up to the stem cells. Product type : Moisturizer How to use : You can use it before your routine skin care product in the morning or evening. Gender : Female

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