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Music Lover Sticker Cinar Extreme

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Technical Specifications & Dimensions

Contents: 1 Transfer Paper Sticker
Sticker Size: Height: 9 Cm X Width: 9 Cm
High Quality Paint-Free Strong Material
Non-Fading High Quality Material
Non-Carcinogenic Material Imported from Germany
Resistant to Heat, Water, Dust, Gasoline and Sunlight. No Fading, Throwing, Lifting
Long Lasting, Self-Adhesive, Does Not Leave Any Marks When Removed

Where can we use the sticker?
On the hood, glass, plastic surfaces of your car,
On the fairing of your engine, on the plastic surfaces, in your bag, On your helmet, with your hard-surface protection accessories, On surfaces such as laptop, tablet, At home, on your walls, on your table, door or windows ..
Actually, the usage area is very wide :)

How can we apply the sticker?

The stickers that we have carefully produced for you are in 3 pieces in the package.
1. Transfer Tape
2. Sticker
3. White Background Paper

There is also a detailed visual explanation in the product images and on the back of the package.
In addition, below is How to Stick the Sticker, On which surfaces can we apply it? We recommend you to take a look at the video we prepared as an answer to your questions such as;)

Application Steps
The application surface must be completely clean and dry. During the cleaning process, glass wiping etc. Do not use solvents. (Residues of these solvents may prevent your sticker from sticking well)
Separate the transfer tape from the white background paper so that the sticker remains on the transfer tape. If the sticker remains on the white background paper, close the transfer tape back and put it on the credit card etc. Try again by pushing on it with the vehicle. Slowly apply the remaining sticker on the transfer tape to the surface, starting from the top. credit card etc. to prevent air bubbles during application. We recommend using a vehicle. Gently separate the transfer tape starting from any corner, your sticker will remain on the surface. If the sticker comes with a transfer tape, try again by pressing the 3rd step a little more and heating it with a hair dryer if possible. 24 HOURS ARE REQUIRED FOR YOUR STICKER TO BE FULL ADHESIVE TO THE SURFACE! Why Should I Prefer Cinar Extreme Sticker?
100% customer satisfaction is our most important point! Do you have a problem with your sticker, did you make a mistake during the application, contact us and we will try to solve the problem :)
We print on European-made foils, not Chinese-made, so that your stickers do not lift, throw, or deform when water touches them. (Even if the cost doubles) For maximum resistance to sun and water, we do not use bulk inks, but print with Eco Solvent inks. (Even if the cost is tripled) We print on the best machines for outdoor printing, capable of Pantone printing, in order to get the closest results to real colors. Since we know that you want to be different and extraordinary, we offer you more than 1000 different models that you have not seen anywhere else before.Please Attention!

Unless specifically stated, do not use your stickers on surfaces subject to friction (phone case, areas where your hands & knees rub, etc.).
Paint wear may occur in a short time due to friction.
Standard stickers applied at room temperature and removed from the place applied at room temperature do not leave any residue. In cases other than these conditions, a small amount of adhesive residue may remain on the applied surface. Stickers applied with wet application may leave a little more adhesive residue behind. You can watch the video below to learn about how to clean the residue.

Where & How is Sticker Applied?
Take a few minutes and watch the application videos we have prepared for you...

Where & How is Sticker Applied?
Take a few minutes and watch the application videos we have prepared for you...

How to Stick a Sticker to a Motorcycle?
How to Apply a Sticker to the Engine?


How to Paste Sticker on Laptop?
How to Apply Sticker on Laptop?


How to Stick a Sticker to the Car?
How is Sticker Applied to the Vehicle?


How to Paste Helmet Sticker?
How to Apply Sticker on Motor Helmet?


Reflect your difference & get stickers!

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