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Gci Outdoor Fire Pit Camping Chair With Shock Absorber Gray

Product Code: 1361130
  • $134.50

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Gci FirePit Shock Absorber Folding Camping Chair
Branded with its durability and quality, GCI Outdoor FirePit Shock Absorber Folding Camping Chair model is with you. With its patented shock absorber system (Spring-Action Rocking Technology™) and easy folding (EAZY-FOLD™ Technology) feature, it offers you the comfort of your home outside. From camping to picnicking anywhere in your life. The choice of those looking for comfort and convenience. The mesh backrest and soft armrests make you feel comfortable. The shock absorber system offers you comfort and the pleasure of rocking together. Thanks to its light structure and internal carrying handles, it allows you to carry it easily and comfortably. Care should be taken when using it on beaches and fine sandy areas. Fine sands that may escape into the system may cause unhealthy operation of the mechanism.

Product Features

Patented Spring System with Shock Absorber

Mesh Backrest                                                         Open Dimensions : 84 x 62 x 65 Cm

Patented Easy Installation System                             Indoor

Beverage Container

Internal Carrying Arm

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