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Daiwa Ballistic 2.74M 14-42Gr Spin Fishing Rod

Product Code: 1361147
  • $190.34

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Daiwa Ballistic X 274 Cm 14 42Gr 2P Spin Fishing Rod
Product description:

Ballistic, which has balanced, sensitive and pleasant responses, does not strain your budget as well as excellent performance with the daiwa technologies it contains.

It contains less resin than normal carbon fibers. Since resin is a heavy material, Daiwa Rods produced with HVF are denser, lighter and have a faster action.

While normal carbon fiber reeds are knitted with 90 degree fibers, in this technology, the reed becomes more flexible against bending by knitting with 45 degree angles. While struggling with fish, the rods bend to the right and left. In normal reed windings, power loss in the reed, deterioration in the structure and breaks are frequently experienced. X 45 torque construction rods provide minimum bending and excellent toughness thanks to their double-sided 45 degree carbon winding structure. The feeling in your hand is perfect while you are dealing with fish.

Product features:

·        High volume fiber (HVF) and x45 material,

·        Fuji AOL rings,

·         Customized Fuji ACS screw ring roller bearing,

·        Eva handle part.

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