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Dam Fighter Pro 150 Fd 1Bb Fishing Machine

Product Code: 1360909
  • $20.20

Tags: Dam, Fighter, Pro, 150, Fd, 1Bb, Fishing, Machine

Front wheel drive spinners with modern looking graphite body and rotor. Ideal for making combos



Graphite spool with line clamp

ABS graphite body and rotor

Anti-Vibro system rotor stabilized by computer processing

Twisted machine wire

With monofilament fishing line


 Product codemodelNumber of BallsProduct WeightTransferLine CapacityMaximum Drag (kg)
56669FIGHTER PRO 1401 BB225 gr5.2:1184 m/0,30mm5 kg
56670FIGHTER PRO 1501 BB310 g4.9:1124m/0,40mm5 kg
56671FIGHTER PRO 1601 BB320 g4.9:1170m/0,40mm8 kg


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