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Okuma Inception Inc-6000 3+1Bb Fishing Machine

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Okuma Inception INC-6000 3+1bb 

The Okuma Inception coil is a carp model with a front clutch. It is applied, both on the main, and on spodovy or marker rods. The worm mechanism of the forward movement of the spool has an elongated stroke of 30 mm - this contributes to more compact body dimensions and uniform laying of the fishing line on the spool. The special Hydro Block technology protects the mechanism from moisture ingress when using the product during rain. Brass gears of the main pair for a long time resist wear at high loads required in catching large fish. The rotors are manufactured using RESII balancing technology, which reduces resonant vibrations. The Even Flow Line special paving roller reduces the twisting of the lines, thereby maintaining their original characteristics for a longer time.

         • Compact body 
         • Long Stroke spool trip 30mm 
         • Corrosion-resistant graphite body 
         • 3 ball bearing + 1 roller bearing 
         • Quick Set infinite anti-reverse system 
         • CFR : Cyclonic Flow Rotor 
         • Machine cut aluminum spool 
         • Round metal line clip 
         • Rigid metal handle 
         • Wooden handle knob 
         • Worm shaft oscillation system 
         • Machined cut brass pinion gear 
         • Heavy duty, solid aluminum bail wire 
         • RESII: Computer-balanced rotor system 
         • Even Flow line roller

60706INC-600012.0kg5.3:1 / 104cm270m 0.35mm466g

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