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Daiwa Strikeforce 2000 B Fishing Machine

Product Code: 1360994
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-The Abs Anti-Backlash system, which ensures that the fishing line is discharged from the head while throwing your fish bait in surf and spin style fishing, also allows your artificial bait to reach longer distances. The discharge of the fishing line from the fishing machine is usually in the form of large spirals. The best way to prevent the line from twisting is to make the spool as large as possible. The big spool in Daiwa machines, which expands towards the end, ensures regular discharge of the line from the spool and prevents the line from bending. In this way, it is possible to shoot at longer distances.
Thanks to this patented technology developed by Daiwa that prevents the fishing line from curling, during the shooting, whether you use a rope line or fluorocarbon line, the line is discharged from your fishing line without bending. In addition to preventing the twisting of the line, Twist Buster also reduces the friction between the line bed and the line.
The special gear structure, which is the product of digital design, is produced with Digigear technology.
-It is a long-lasting reel thanks to its aluminum head and stainless steel screws.
-Target: It is a spin reel that you can use for all kinds of horse check hunting.

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