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Be careful where you put your hands, your feet, your legs! Surviving with Twister is a miracle! Twister both impresses children and entertains adults. Thanks to its practical setup and easy gameplay, it does not bore the players, and entertains the audience as much as the players. Here is Hasbro Twister.

Game Locking Fun; Twister

In Twister, which is specially designed for groups of friends who rely on their physical skills, make your opponent unable to move and knock them down, and be the winner! You will not understand how the time passes and you will have a lot of fun with your friends. Twister can have 2 or more players. Children aged 6 and above can also play the game.

Twister with Healthy and Reliable Ingredients

The materials used in the production of the Twister game, which bears the signature of Hasbro brand, are completely harmless to human health. There is no harm to health from touching the game mat or breathing the game materials. Every game is safe with Hasbro.

Twister Game Rules

Turn the Twister wheel and try to fill in the areas of the color that comes out. The Twister player, who fills more space than his opponent and makes his opponent unable to move, wins the competition. Get ready for interesting moves and tipping; because Twister requires quite a bit of physical skill. If you like acrobatic moves, Twister is just for you.

Game Twister Offering Hours of Fun

Get ready for lots of laughter, with Twister you will spend hours of fun with your loved ones on the playground. Twister writes all the rules of the game in the game guide, also players can set different rules. While playing the game, make sure that there are no sharp-edged products around the playground.

The challenging game Twister allows the body to balance.
Twister is a game played with lots of movement. Dozens of different body movements are also made while trying to stay in balance. In this way, it will be an effective sports activity after a sedentary day.
It is perfect for socializing and having fun.
Twister Box Contents:

Twister playground
Twister wheel
Twister game content
The Brand That Delights Everyone Hasbro

World toy and game giant Hasbro produces games all over the world that entertain everyone. The brand, which started its activity life with the production of textiles and pencils, makes a name for itself with dozens of different game designs today.

Hasbro Kids Family GamesRight Hand Red, Left Foot Yellow... Who Doesn't Roll Wins! Twister Keeps Locking Into The Fun! Age Group: 6 Years and Over Number of Players: 2 or More Players Single Package Size: 5X27X27 Cm

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