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Vardem Rectangular Party Pool 305 X 183 X 56 Cm

Product Code: 1361308
  • $83.15

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Vardem Rectangular Party Pool 305 x 183 x 56 cm

İntex 58484 Large Size Inflatable Family Pool You can inflate and use it on the balcony, on the terrace, in the garden, wherever the floor is suitable. It is a large size inflatable pool model that you can use as a family. Thanks to its small size when folded and packed, you can take the product wherever you travel. After use, when you remove the screw pump inlet on the head to deflate the pool, it automatically empties the air inside. You can easily fill the water with a garden hose. The product is very good quality and comfortable. Dimensions & Features Width 183 cm Length 305 cm Height 56 ​​cm Water Capacity 1,020 L SUPER TOUGHIt is made of thick Vinly Plastic Material. Important Note Make sure that the floor to be installed is flat and clean. Before placing your order, measure the area where the pool will be installed, and make sure that the dimensions match the pool you will order. Since the pool is filled with water, its volume becomes large. You must leave a few inches of space. You can use it safely with the world's leading INTEX brand.

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