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Hasbro Jenga, one of the most popular games, is one of the games where you can spend a pleasant time with your loved ones. The game, which you can easily play at home, in the picnic area or in a cafe with your friends, appeals to everyone over the age of 3.


Jenga requires some dexterity and some balance from its players.
It requires you to concentrate very well by giving your full attention to the wooden blocks during the game.
Jenga, a kind of strategy game, requires taking into account the moves of the opponent.
It helps the development of manual skills, strategic thinking and increases the ability to observe.
To win the game, it is not enough to be a careful observer, you need to analyze the flow of the game well.


The product consists of 54 wooden pieces.
The game is played with the participation of at least two and at most six players.
The main purpose of the game is the tower with 18 floors and 3 blocks on each floor consisting of wooden boards; it means choosing a block and adding it on the tower provided that it does not topple the tower.

The Good One Wins

The player who built the tower starts the game. In turn, the opponents pull blocks and place them at the top of the tower. One hand is used when pulling and placing blocks. Players have to draw whichever block they touched. He cannot check by touching whether the blocks are loose. The player who knocks down the tower is considered to have lost the game. The game start rule does not change, the player who installed the tower starts the game. If you knock down the tower, you have to rebuild it from scratch. The probability of the tower losing its balance and falling over increases as the game progresses. This situation requires more careful handling. You need to use your dexterity in the most calm way. In addition, one of the things to consider when making moves is to put your opponent in a difficult situation with the blocks you choose.

World's Best: Hasbro!

Hasbro is a global entertainment company that adopts the principle of providing the best gaming experience in the world to its users. It continues to offer services with many products in different categories, from games you can play with your family or friends to strategy games.

Here is the world's most loved balance game!
In Jenga, the goal is to pull wooden blocks and put them on top of the tower; without knocking down the tower of course!
It's boisterous, full of laughter, and extremely easy to play.

Jenga, one of the most popular board games in the world, is an enjoyable, exciting game that requires balance, skill and concentration that you can play with your family and friends to have fun and lots of laughter. You must determine your strategy well, take the stones without disturbing the balance of the tower, place the stones you have drawn on the tower with great care and leave your opponent in a difficult position.

Keep Your Balance

Jenga is a fun balance game made of wooden blocks. The aim of Jenga is to pull wooden blocks from under the tower and put them on top of the tower without knocking it down. When the tour pulls the wooden block and puts it on the tower without knocking down the tower, it moves to the opposite side. It is very important to put your opponents in a difficult position by pulling risky pieces in the game. Therefore, the strategy must be well defined. If you decide to shoot the risky piece and be successful, you will leave your competitors in a very difficult position, but in this case, you will also take a risk. After pulling the risky piece, putting the tower back on top without knocking it down will require balance and skill. The player who knocks down the tower while pulling the Jenga block or putting the piece he has drawn on the tower loses the game and sets up the tower again for a new game. This is how the mechanics of the Jenga game progress.

18 Floors, 54 Blocks, Unlimited Fun

- Jenga tower consists of an 18-storey block tower with 3 blocks on each floor. There are 54 wooden blocks in total.

- When placing wooden blocks, if the first 3 blocks are arranged longitudinally, the other 3 blocks should be placed in a transverse order.

- Jenga game can be played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people. Builder of Jenga tower starts the game.

- The player whose turn it is pulls the wooden block from where he wants and puts it on the top row of the tower. It is the rule to use only one hand when pulling and placing the block.

- When the other players choose the wooden block they want by using one hand and put it on the top, the turn of the game continues clockwise. The Jenga game continues until the tower is knocked down. The player who knocks down the tower is considered defeated and rebuilds the tower.

The difficulty level of the game increases as the game progresses. So much so that it will be very difficult to find a block to shoot after a point and you will face the danger of the tower toppling in every block you pull. In such cases, you should be careful not to shake your hands, hold your breath and make your move decisively.

Number of Pieces: 54

Material: Wood

Number of Players: 2-6 People

Age: Suitable for players of all ages

Leslie Scott's Dream

The origin story of the Jenga game is also very interesting. Little Leslie Scott, who was then in Ghana due to her father's job, is spending time with her brother.

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