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Monopoly Classic

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Monopoly Classic

A world-famous board game, Hasbro Monopoly, allows you to have fun with your friends or loved ones. It is one of the strategy games in terms of being based on trade and money management. As a game that children and adults can play together or among themselves, it appeals to a wide age group. Even the game gives everyone the chance to become the king or queen of real estate.

Fun and Educational

. The Hasbro Monopoly board game, which can be played with at least 2 people, helps people have a good time with its fun and instructive feature.

. It practically teaches people where they should or should not invest, as in real life.

. Buying land, building a house or a hotel allows players to make strategic decisions.

. It can be easily transported to any environment as it is in the box.

Multi-Ingredient Box Contents


Number of Cards: 60

Number of Pawns: 8

Hotel: 12

House: 32

Dice: 2 pieces

1 pack of Monopoly coins

Pleasant Hours of Fun

There is no time limit in the game, where the winners and the losers spend hours of fun. Therefore, players can play the game for as long as they want. The duration of the game may vary depending on the number of people playing and the course of the game.

Cat Pawn in the Renovated Box

In its renewed box, there is the cat pawn chosen by the votes of the whole world. In the game, which has 8 different pawn options in total, players can distinguish themselves by choosing different pawns. Starting from the starting point with the dice thrown one by one, we set out to reach the great fortune that adorns dreams.

Quality Address of the Game: Hasbro

The game and toy company Hasbro, which started production with pens and textile products in 1923, draws all the attention with its renewed Monopoly game box. Various toy products of the brand such as Star Wars and Kre-o are also on the market.

Monopoly, the world's favorite real estate trading game, gives everyone the chance to become a real estate tycoon, even in-game. Monopoly's box has been renewed and the Cat's pawn, chosen by the votes of the whole world, has also taken its place in the new box.

Monopoly, where the winner and the loser have a lot of fun, gives everyone the chance to become a real estate tycoon, even in the game.

You can also use the Quick Play Dice to play Monopoly much faster. Choose your pawn, place it at the Starting point and buy, sell, and negotiate properties to achieve the fortune of your dreams. Remember, there is only room for one person at the top!

Box contents:
1 playground
8 pawns
60 cards
32 houses
12 hotels
2 dice
1 pack of MONOPOLY coins

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