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Mini Sterilization Container

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Mini sterilization container systems are used for sterilizing, storing and transporting implants, surgical instruments, surgical equipment and textiles. The container consists of two main parts, the box and the lid. Box and lid main bodies are produced by pressing as a single piece from 1050 quality aluminum, welding is not used during production on boxes and lids. Decorative anodization is applied to the box and cover surfaces to increase their resistance against external factors. There are color options on the covers. Holes for air passage on the cover surface, a silicone gasket on the inner edge that provides air and water tightness throughout, in the central position on the inner surface of the cover, lockable stainless steel/aluminum/plastic with sealing gasket around it, which keeps the filters placed to filter the air passing through the cover holes into the box. The filter holder has spring locks on both sides of the cover that allow locking into the box. There are label attachment compartments on both sides of the box and lock parts through which a plastic disposable security lock passes. Silicone mat, sheet basket, wire basket, paper filter, Teflon filter and labels are used as auxiliary materials with the containers. They are produced in various types and sizes, which are pre-designed according to the needs of the users. There are perforated and non-perforated box options, and filters and filter holders used in the lid are used in perforated boxes.

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