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Exvega Bad Boy Gaming Chair 3D Moving Arm Yellow Color

Product Code: 1361493
  • $125.33

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Why Should I Buy EXVEGA BADBOY Series Gaming Chair?

The Badboy series gaming chair is suitable for use in your homes and offices without occupying much space, and it provides elegance to any environment with its appearance.
Its non-rough structure and multiple color options match the ambiance you apply to your gaming environments and offices.
Thanks to its premium quality 3D leather covered handles, it provides you comfort and convenience in your computer usage position.
You can adjust your seat according to your height with the piston adjustable single arm lower mechanism.
You will get the appreciation of your surroundings with its unique design and colors.
It is produced with sponges that have been tested in the comfort area and do not collapse over time, so you can use your seat for years.

Swingable spring mechanism
Piston system offering low and height adjustment
Comfort-enhancing multi-purpose pillow
Leather covered arms that can provide 3D movement
Non-peeling, erasable quality leather cover
wooden endoskeleton
Multidirectional wheels
Suitable for children and teenagers
Tested up to 95kg

Now is the Time to Get an EXVEGA!

Height (With Piston Raised) 125cm
Height (With Piston Lowered) 115cm
Width (Including Arms) 75cm
Seating width 50cm
Seating depth 50cm
Seat height (Piston Raised) 55cm
Seating area height (With Piston Lowered) 45cm
Back width 50cm
Back Height (From sitting area) 70cm

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