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Uzay Ofis Z-Drive Gaming Chair Cozy - Black

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Uzay Ofis Z-Drive Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair Cozy makes a difference with its skeleton design. It directs the user to the correct sitting position by taking shape according to their physical characteristics. It also has an ergonomic design with its back pillow, soft sitting surface and adjustable arms. Sitting style that is not suitable for normal posture pushes the physical limits of the body by putting pressure on the muscles and joints. A fully adjustable ergonomic seat ensures the correct positioning of the employee's body posture.

Z-Drive Gaming Chair Technical Specifications

* Back Features;
- Springing features with a double lever mechanism with a metal body with a back slope;
- Back part can be tilted 130 degrees,
- Gradually fixing the back in the desired area
- Easy-to-use double lever mechanism that fixes the back

* 3D Moving Soft Pad Armrest;
- Arm height adjustment
- Forward-Backward pad adjustment
- Right Left adjustable pad setting

* Waist and Neck Support
- Waist and neck cushion that you can adjust in the desired position

* Waist structure suitable for body ergonomics for long sessions

* Durable metal feet and wheels

* Up-down height adjustment can be made with 4 class Shock Absorber system.

* Long-lasting 1st quality artificial leather designed for Z-drive gaming chairs

Brand: Uzay Ofis

Production Place: Turkey

Warranty Period: 24 Months

Arm Type: Polycarbonate - Adjustable Armrest

Material: Polyurethane Bulk Sponge

Material: Metal Sheet.

Foot Section: Metal Foot

Cleaning: It can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and a small amount of detergent (excluding chemicals)

Package: It consists of 1 box, it is also sent as assembled

All Parts Are Available In The Package.

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