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Dermokil Collagen+Biocomplex Anti-Wrinkle and Repairing Night Cream 50 Ml

Product Code: 1361645
  • $7.91

Tags: Dermokil, Collagen+Biocomplex, Anti-Wrinkle, and, Repairing, Night, Cream, 50, Ml

Young Appearance Deeply nourishing and restructuring the skin. Dermatologically tested. It does not contain paraben, colorant, alcohol. It is 100% herbal content. It moisturizes and nourishes your skin by supporting collagen synthesis during the night, which is the most suitable time for the skin to be moisturized. It prevents you from looking pale and tired by taking care of your skin with its enriched special content. It helps you to have a tighter, brighter and brighter skin against environmental and aging factors. ✔ Collagen ✔ Clay ✔ Vitamin C ✔Shea Butter ✔Vitamin E ✔Herbal Glycerin ✔Sodium Hyaluronate

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