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Meerschaum Pipe - Captain Patterned - Handicraft - Handcrafted with the Attention to Details

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Meerschaum Pipe - Captain Patterned - Handicraft - Handcrafted with the Attention to Details

Properties of Meerschaum

It is light, soft and white. Because it is soft, it can be easily processed. Meerschaum does not burn and floats in water. It softens when wet, but hardens again when dry. Meerschaum, which expels moisture due to its porous structure, is therefore used in making pipes.

Meerschaum, which turns yellow over time because it absorbs nicotine, can be whitened again by wiping it with cologne. However, it is not recommended to touch the inside of the pipes with cologne, as it will spoil the flavor.

Almost all of the commercially workable Meerschaum deposits are found in the Turkish province of Eskisehir. There are more than 300 mines spread over an area of ​​100 km² in Eskişehir.

Due to the reactions that lead to its formation, meerschaum is found underground in a wet state. This natural moisture held by its porous structure ensures the cleanliness of the meerschaum while it is in the soil and easy processing after extraction. Meerschaum, which is dried directly or after processing, becomes lighter at the rate of moisture it loses and gains a significant resistance.

In the fields located in the west, northeast and southeast of Eskişehir, metamorphic layers containing meerschaum in the form of scattered nodules are encountered between the surface and depths exceeding 300 meters. In order to obtain the stone, wells descending vertically from the surface are dug. When the easily distinguishable metamorphic layers in the soil are reached, horizontal tunnels following this layer are opened to look for meerschaum nodules. In some regions, the meerschaum layers are lower than the groundwater level. In order to extract the meerschaum from these places, the water must be drained first. In the extraction of meerschaum, manpower and personal experience and intuition gained as a result of many years are used.

If meerschaum, which is very light and porous, is exposed to moisture or any gas after drying, it absorbs this moisture or gas to a great extent, and while it dries again, it retains the residues in this moisture or gas.

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