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Kenwood Kmix HDX754RD Blender Set

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Kenwood Kmix HDX754RD Blender Set pazaryeri ePttAvm entegrasyonu

HDX754RD kMix Hand Blender Set
Indispensable for the kitchen
Kenwood HDX754RD kMix Hand Blender Set
Special Crush / Puree Apparatus
With this unique apparatus, you can prepare special pastes and very delicious purees.

Soup XL Apparatus
You can mix soups directly in the pot.

Chopping Chamber
The 500 ml chopping chamber allows you to chop the ingredients for sauces or to prepare different foods.

Metal Leg with 3 Blades
You can have excellent chopping and mixing performance thanks to the metal blender stand with 3 blades.

800W Extra Powerful Motor
With its 800 Watt extra powerful motor, it gives you the power to chop and mix food effectively and efficiently.

Triblade? 3 Angle Blade System
The patented Triblade/3 angled blade system allows you to reach and chop all the ingredients exactly to the perfection you need and in less time.

5-Step Speed ​​Adjustment and Turbo Feature
With this stylish hand blender, you can combine power and control at the touch of a button. You can choose the speed you need and when dealing with a more difficult material, you can shred it in less time using the turbo feature.
Kenwood Khh300Wh Multione 1000W kitchen chef is a food processor with superior technical features that makes life easier thanks to its new generation design technology and functional details. Food and beverage preparation can be a choice that changes according to tastes, or it is an art that is shaped depending on a menu presentation that changes according to needs or catering privileges. You can save time and effort thanks to the functional device that offers multiple applications that users need during the preparation of different foods.

The Kitchen's Greatest Assistant Kenwood Kitchen Chef

Kenwood kitchen chef allows you to prepare fast and practical foods thanks to its high performance engine power. Kenwood's ingenious food processor professionally prepares the ingredients of the desired recipes, while providing its users with perfect freedom of movement. Whisk you need while preparing mixtures such as dough, cream, puree and sauce.

Kenwood Multione performs to its fullest. The tasks of chopping, slicing and grating all the materials such as onions, garlic, eggplant, potatoes, carrots and cucumbers that you need to add while cooking or preparing a salad belong to the functional apparatus of Multione.

Master of Delicious Recipes Kenwood 1000W

From bread and cake dough to pizza dough, pastry and roll dough to revani and baklava dough, you can count on the craftsmanship of the Kenwood Khh300Wh. Specially designed for mixing delicious recipes, the balloon whisk has a double-stage rotation feature that ensures even distribution of ingredients such as eggs, flour, salt and water. The mixing hook Multione, which increases the satisfaction of the users with its gathering function, is effective in the consistency and rise of all doughs kneaded by the kitchen chef.

Kenwood Kitchen Chef Ends Food Prep

Kenwood 1000W kitchen chef is a candidate to become an indispensable assistant in kitchens by coming to the fore with its quality material features and superior performance power. The new generation food processor, which saves its users from the trouble of preparing food and drink, allows you to both take time for yourself and have an uninterrupted conversation with your loved ones. Multione kitchen chef, which has a structure resistant to negativities such as moisture, abrasion, impact and scratch, offers its users a long-lasting comfort.

Multione Design Reflecting Your Skill on Your Treats

You can adjust the speed level while mixing, kneading and whisking thanks to Kenwood's excellent kitchen chef with 1000W power. In addition, the specially designed anti-splashing cover prevents materials from splashing out of the hopper and dirtying your countertop. The 1000W chef's bowl, which allows different foods to be prepared in healthy and hygienic conditions, is made of sanded stainless steel and is of very high quality. The large-volume steel bowl offering maximum comfort is ideal enough for large families and guests to serve the delicious treats prepared. Vegetable and fruit slicing attachments accompany the preparation of fine presentations without the user getting tired.

Fresh Juices That Revitalize Your Body

The product provides the pleasure of aromatic and delicious drinks, as well as functional apparatus, superior operation and rich food preparation performance. The device, which allows you to make freshly squeezed fruit juices and delicious drinking smoothies, is very useful with both its citrus juicer apparatus and blender feature. Kenwood kitchen chef

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