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Kenwood Zjx740Rd Kmix 1.7 Liter Kettle Red

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Stylish and efficient kitchen appliance manufacturer, Kenwood once again demonstrates its expertise in this field, and with the Kenwood KMX750 kMix Stand Mixer, it has signed off on another kitchen tool with extensive features. The model, which can easily knead even the hardest dough with its 1000W motor power and makes it possible to add ingredients even while the machine is running with its anti-splashing cover, pleases kitchen chefs with its technical equipment as well as its unique design. Having an extremely stylish and modern design, the KMX750 kMix Stand Mixer adds an aesthetic detail to kitchens with its cream color. The model, which has aesthetic details with its color and bright texture that adapts to every decor, can change the atmosphere of your kitchen by accompanying the decoration when you are not using it. Offering an ideal use with its 6 speed levels and 5 liter chamber capacity, the kMix Stand Mixer has electronic speed control, air bubble mixing function and collector mixing function. Thanks to these different functions, you can prepare even the most challenging recipes in a short time and cook delicious tastes. There is no limit to what you can do with the kMix Stand Mixer.

The kitchen assistants of Kenwood, which is the leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances in its sector and has signed award-winning models, have met users before, but the kMix Stand Mixer takes users' skills in the kitchen a few steps further. Equipped with the intelligent speed control feature, the model enables the materials to be mixed in an ideal way while increasing the speed level and prevents the materials from spilling by increasing the level in a controlled manner with intelligent acceleration. The model, which also offers increased safety features, automatically stops when the mixing head comes out. Additional parts of the KMX750 kMix Stand Mixer include bowl part outlet, kneader, mixer, low speed part outlet and beater. With these pieces, you can prepare different recipes practically and prepare unique tastes for your loved ones.

General FeaturesWeight: 9.1kgDimension: 38.5L x 24W x 35.5HMotor power: 1000WH Speed ​​level: 6 speed levels Hopper and body: Polished stainless steel and metalk Prepare Unique Flavors with Mixer Stand

Kenwood KMX750 kMix Stand Mixer helps you to prepare delicious recipes with different ingredients and dough. You can prepare delicacies such as pizza, cookies, cakes, macarons, pies or sauces in a short time. You can also make pasta and ice cream to serve to your guests. The stand mixer made of the most durable materials can handle all recipes. All parts of the stand mixer, which combines practical use and aesthetic details, are made of stainless steel. In this respect, it offers both long-lasting use and can be easily cleaned. Thanks to its solid steel structure, it resists possible scratches and impacts, so it can be used for many years. Stainless steel bowls are forever stylish and offer a smart, clean look. The mixer, which has a solid and strong structure, is also equipped with versatile features to offer you unlimited possibilities in your kitchen. With the included stainless steel kneader, mixer and whisk accessories, you can quickly mix the dough, make delicious breads or prepare mashed potatoes. mixer; It offers a dough capacity of 1.35 kg, a dough flour capacity of 680 grams, a cake capacity of 2.72 and a maximum capacity of 12 egg whites. If you want to try delicious recipes in the kitchen and need a well-equipped assistant for this, the Kenwood stand mixer is one of the most suitable options for you with its cream color option.

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