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Fx Food Beet Powder 100 Gr

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Fx Food beet powder is produced by drying the beets supplied in the season in a closed drying system and grinding in the grinding line.
Fx Food beet powder does not contain any additives. Contains no colorants or preservatives.
It is gluten free. It is not filled in the same line as gluten-containing products. Gluten risk is zero.
You can use beet powder in cakes, pies, ravioli, pancakes, etc. You can use it in bakery products.
You can increase the vitamin and nutritional values ​​of the pasta by choosing it for mothers and children's cut pasta.
You can use it by mixing it with your metabolism-boosting tea and edema-stimulating water.
It can be used for coloring purposes. You can use it as the most natural colorant in products such as pasta, pancakes, ravioli, pies, etc.

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