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Royal Canin Mini Starter Small Breed Puppy And Mother Dog Food 3 Kg

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Product Details
Royal Canin Mini Starter Small Breed Puppy and Mother Dog Food 3 KG

Ideal Taste for Your Dog
This product, which is a nutritious, supportive and healthy food for female dogs and their puppies, offers supportive features for eliminating pregnancy and breastfeeding problems. Accordingly, it ensures that the puppies of weaned female dogs are healthier.

In the Structure of Breast Milk
Its specially developed formula ensures that almost all of the nutrients found in breast milk are present in it. In this way, the puppies can benefit from the healing aspects of mother's milk along with their food. Since it is fortified with special nutrients, it provides much more advanced benefits.

Suitable for Weaning Period
This special product, which provides support with its rich content in order to facilitate the transition of puppies to food during the weaning period, has developed immensely in terms of energy amount, quality and protein. This makes it easier for puppies to switch to food.

Delicious Use
It has a delicious taste for puppies to consume. The oat-like liquid-attracting grains in it are suitable for puppies as well as for mother dogs.

Strengthens the Immune System
Thanks to its structure that strengthens the immune system, it allows them to gain more resistance against various diseases, especially common in puppies. In this way, the offspring grow in a healthier way and are protected from diseases. At the same time, it contains supplements that strengthen the natural defense system, which also provides benefits for their health.

Thicker and Shiny Feathers
Due to the special vitamins, minerals and proteins it contains, it causes the hair of both the mother who has post-pregnancy fatigue and the puppies, which are seen from birth, to have much thicker and healthier hair.

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