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Royal Canin Pug Adult Dog Food 1.5 Kg

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Product Details
Royal Canin Pug Adult Dog Food 1.5 KG

Nutritive Product Content
Specially formulated for adult dogs, the dog food consists of flavors that even the most picky dogs cannot give up thanks to its rich nutritional values. The flavors most suitable for the palate of dogs contain high nutritional values.

Digestive-Friendly Structure
Dog food, which contributes positively to development, eliminates digestive problems of adult dogs as a result of regular feeding. Adult dogs who do not have defecation problems are easier to digest and lead a more peaceful life.

Ideal for Body Development
Thanks to the nutritional values ​​that support development, the musculoskeletal system gains endurance. Dog food always adds vigor with some herbal medicinal products that will delay the aging of adult dogs.

High Protein Value
Getting the energy needed throughout the day with food is necessary for adult dogs to avoid obesity problems. Thanks to its high protein content, dogs can live a long life.

Contribution to Intelligence Development
Elements that help adult dogs to keep the information they wonder and discover permanently are used perfectly in the food. In this way, dogs can best record the training given in their memory.

Happier Dogs
Adult dogs, who are more peaceful and happier during the day by staying active, can spend more enjoyable time with their owners. Adult dogs that protect their body and mental health can protect themselves from diseases with the most damage from external factors.

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