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Royal Canin Kitten - Persian Kitten Food - 2 Kg

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Royal Canin Kitten Persian Kitten Food 2 KG

Special for Persian Cats
Persian cats, which have a different jaw structure, eat food by keeping it in their mouths. These cats, who eat the food they hold under their tongues, are also considered special in terms of many other characteristics. These cats may need to be treated separately for some issues, including nutrition.

A Unique Shape
Thanks to the almond-inspired grains, you can feed Persian cats very comfortably. In this way, your cats can continue their daily lives very comfortably. Royal Canin kitten food is a reasonable investment when considering the yield you will get.

According to the Needs of the Puppies
Every kitten deserves special care. When it comes to Persian cats, this care may require even more attention. Therefore, creating a special diet for your cats is a very logical decision.

Adequate Protein
40% of the content consists of protein. In this way, you will meet the energy needs of your cats. With the protein used in metabolic activities, your cat will grow effortlessly. In this way, you ensure the health of your cat to a great extent.

Served with Water
It has a dry content. For this reason, water should be given with it. Thanks to the fresh water placed in a clean container, the digestive system of cats can work in a qualified way.

Ideal for Trying
It has a two-pound pack. This amount is quite reasonable in terms of testing your cat's taste buds. Royal Canin kitten food is hungrily eaten by many Persian cats.

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