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Eurogold Deluxe Blend Fruit And Nuts Parrot Food 650 Gr

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Eurogold Deluxe Fruit & Nuts Parrot Food 650 gr

EuroGold Deluxe Blend Fruits & Nuts Parrot Food Premium parrot food is a 100% natural, mixed feed containing vitamins and minerals, consisting of delicious and valuable ingredients, providing a complete nutrition with its distinguished content, for all parrot species, especially macaw, jacob and cockatoo.

* It is prepared from 1st class fruit and nut products suitable for human food.

* Its special content ensures that the hairs are shiny and healthy.

* It has all the nutritional values ​​that increase your bird's quality of life.

* Dust-free 1st class kernels and seeds are used.

* It is rich in fiber and suitable for intestinal flora.

* It can preserve its freshness and flavor until the expiration date, as it is packaged by taking its oxygen with a special technique.

Oath Content: Walnut, dakota kernel, striped kernel, raisin, peanut, rosehip, hazelnut, corn, pumpkin seed, chill pepper, buckwheat, carob, wheat, red corn, paddy, thick carrot, safflower, hemp, small popcorn corn , thick apple, vitamins and minerals.

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