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Eurogold Cat Grass Cat Grass

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EuroGold Cat Grass Cat Grass

Eurogold Cat Grass is a soilless and hygienic cat grass for cats, which is prepared from high quality seeds, helps to eliminate the hairballs accumulated in the stomach as well as meeting their vitamin needs. Valerian is an essential aid for healthy digestion. Your cat swallows a lot of hair as a result of licking. These swallowed hairs can accumulate in the intestine. Valerian is a natural aid to prevent hairballs from forming and to regulate the digestive system. Most cats like to eat grass. In addition to the relief of the digestive system, it also provides extra vitamins. Eurogold Cat Grass prevents the growth of bacteria that cause bad odor in the stomach and intestines. Eurogold Cat Grass is an extra soft grass suitable for kittens as well. Giving it to cats regularly is extremely beneficial for their health. How to Use the Product; After piercing the bottom of the package with a sharp object, place the top cover under the package. Water every day to keep it constantly moist. 6-7cm. You can give it to your cats when it reaches the length. You can cut the grass that grows more than 10 cm. It lasts for three to six weeks after germination. It should be replaced with a new one after six weeks.

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