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Eurogold Safflower Seed For Birds 300Gr

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Safflower seed, which is the main food for exotic birds such as budgerigars, canaries and goldfinches, finch.

Safflower: 15.1%
protein, 56%
carbohydrates, 6.1%
Fat, 4%
Cellulose, 0.05
calcium, 0.55%
Contains phosphorus.
It is commonly known as canary food or plain food. This seed coat is loved by birds as it is easy to peel. It is recommended to use 20% in addition to the feed of budgerigars and longlines.

* It is used as the main food for goldfinches, finch and canary birds.

How to Use the Product;

It is recommended to give fresh portions 3-4 times a week.


* Store in a cool, dry place.

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