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Eurogold Parrot Cracker with Fruit 2 Pcs

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EuroGold Parrot Cracker with Fruit 2 Pcs

Fruity Parrot Cracker. It is suitable for the natural habits and nutrition of gray parrots, Macaw, Amazon and similar parrots. In nature, parrots do not like to be fed by gnawing. Eurogold parrot cracker is a natural, healthy and delicious treat. With high quality reward seeds, real apple pieces and fruit extracts. Together, it is a very attractive exercise and play product. The high-tasting Eurogold parrot crackers make your bird peck at the cracker constantly and in this way encourages exercise and play. Raw materials; Dried fruits, parrot food, seeds, sorghum, safflower, corn, wheat, vitamins and minerals. Nutrition Advice; Hang it in the cage close to your bird's perch, where it can be easily reached. It should be given once or twice a week. Fresh drinking water should be available at all times. Store in a cool, dry place.

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