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Eurogold Yellow Branch 5 Natural Food for Birds

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Eurogold Yellow Branch 5 Natural Food for Birds

It does not contain additives, coloring, flavoring.

It is a source of magnesium and phosphorus.

It contains high silica for the nervous system, tendons, skin and nails.

It is low in oil compared to many other seeds.

Birds such as finches, canaries, longbirds, parakeets and parrots love this natural treat. Twig millet helps keep your birds happy, healthy and busy.

Millet is an excellent source of protein and energy, loved by all cage birds. It is packaged in the most correct sizes for your bird to hold and eat the seeds, and at the same time, it allows the birds squeezed in the cage to have a fun time by doing their natural movements.

Feeding instructions :  Place the millet in a place where your bird can easily access it in the cage. Renew the seeds as they die, constantly giving them with clean water.

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