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Eurogold Honey Paraket Crackers 3 Pcs 100 Gr

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Euro Gold Paraket Cracker Triple 100 Gr

It is a complementary honey cracker with mineral and vitamin supplements that provides beak exercise and mobility, as well as meeting the need for picking and fortifying its nutrition.
Crackers, which are formed by baking the main food of parrots on sticks, enable your bird to get the food by working as in natural life. In this way, it helps them to stay healthy and alive.

Your parrot fights in nature and provides its nutrition in a cage.

Your parrot contains energy for their healthy development.

The hanger of the cracker is suitable for hanging in any kind of cage.

Content of Cracker;
Sunflower, yellow millet, wheat, safflower, sorghum, honey, hemp, gelatin.

Nutritional Advice;
It is recommended to be used 2-3 times a week in a cage, by hanging near the perch.

* It should be stored in a moisture-free and cool environment.

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