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Pendant Ornament - Double Sided - Giraffe

Product Code: 1366455
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Tags: Pendant, Ornament, -, Double, Sided, -, Giraffe

Pendant Ornament - Double Sided - Giraffe

Product Detail

You can easily use our "Pendant Ornament - Double Sided - Giraffe" product with its vivid colors in Kindergarten decoration, Tooth wheat, birthday decorations and all kinds of place decorations. You can easily hang the product on any surface you want from the hanging ribbon.

Product Content

Our Pendant Ornament - Double Sided - Giraffe product is designed from felt in a way that will win the appreciation of everyone from 7 to 70. It was created double-sided by arranging the figures one under the other on the fishing line. It is available as a single folded piece in the product packaging.


Our product is 1 meter 20 cm with the hanging apparatus

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