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Sausage Balloon - Colours Mixed - 100 Pieces

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Sausage Balloon - Colours Mixed - 100 Pieces

Product Detail

Our Sausage Balloon - Colours Mixed - 100 Pieces product is one of our products that you can use easily in all kinds of organizations and places. If desired, the product can be used to create a decorative atmosphere in the space or to be given to the guests. The figures you will create with sausage balloons will be very useful in both decorating the place and entertaining the children.

Product Content

Our Balloon Sausage Mixed product contains 100 mixed colored balloons in its packaging. The product is made of quality latex.

- Please remove all plastic parts and labels before giving them to children.
- Children need to be supervised by an adult when playing.
- Caution: Children under three years of age may suffocate or become suffocated when inflating uninflated or burst balloons.
- Keep uninflated balloons away from children.


Each balloon in the package measures 9 inches, approximately 23 cm, when fully inflated.

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