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Ornamental Dragonfly - 10 Pieces

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Ornamental Dragonfly - 10 Pieces

Product Detail

Our "Ornamental Dragonfly - 10 Pieces" product will provide a great harmony with the other pieces in your concept as well as your indoor and outdoor organizations. Our product, which will be the most beautiful detail that completes your decoration on your birthday and other celebrations, will be one of the indispensable decorative solutions of your parties thanks to its vivid colors and fun look. You can add a special meaning to your packages by removing the tape on the back of our product and placing it on or inside the gifts you will give to your loved ones.

Product Content

Our "Ornamental Dragonfly - 10 Pieces" product is designed to win everyone's appreciation. It is one of our decoration products to complement your party concepts. Our product is made of felt material by laser cutting, by sticking the cut parts together. There is a tape on the back for easy sticking to any environment. There are 10 dragonflies in the package.


Each size of our product is 8*5 cm.

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