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Candle Number 3 - Colours Gold and Black

Product Code: 1366851
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Tags: Candle, Number, 3, -, Colours, Gold, and, Black

Candle Number 3 - Colours Gold and Black 

Product Detail

Our "Candle Number 3 - Colours Gold and Black " product will make a great harmony with the other pieces in your concept, in your indoor and outdoor organizations. Our product, which you can use comfortably and fondly in your birthday and celebration cakes, will be one of our indispensable candle types thanks to its stylish and different appearance.

Product Content

Our product is designed to win everyone's appreciation. It is one of our decoration products that complement all your concepts. Our product is made of mica material, not wax. Our product is formed by paraffin, which is used as the main material in candle making, and takes shape after pouring it into figure candle molds. There is a number candle in the package.


The length of our product is 6 cm.

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