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Lighted Lantern Ball - Colour Pink

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Lighted Lantern Ball -  Colour Pink

Product Detail

Our "Lighted Lantern Ball -  Colour Pink" product, which will add a different atmosphere and a modern look to your home, office or outdoor spaces, is a decorative product. Our excellent product, which offers modernity together for those looking for difference in lighting products, will be one of the most eye-catching accessories of your spaces with its stylish and stylish look. Thanks to its paper structure, it provides a soft lighting in your spaces. After carefully opening our product, you can easily hang it anywhere you want with a rope, fishing line or ribbon from the metal part.

Product Content

Our Lighted Lantern Ball -  Colour Pink product is made of quality paper. You can illuminate your environment with a neon lamp or a light light that you will attach to the mechanism inside, and you can provide a decoratively elegant appearance. Your product will come to you folded in the package, while opening it, you can open it slowly by holding it carefully from the top and bottom. Our product is made of paper. It is not fire resistant, do not light candles inside.


Our product is about 36 cm.

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