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Cardboard Wheel Ornament - Gold Set - 6 Pieces

Product Code: 1365942
  • $10.58

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Cardboard Wheel Ornament - Gold Set - 6 Pieces

Product Detail

Our "Cardboard Wheel Ornament - Gold Set - 6 Pieces" product will provide a perfect harmony with the other pieces in your concept for your indoor and outdoor organizations. Our product, which will be the most beautiful detail that completes your decoration and the trace of the decorations, will add fun to your party and places by attracting everyone's appreciation with its vivid colors and pleasant appearance. You can open our product carefully from the edges and fix it with the help of the paper clip included in the package, and you can easily hang our product anywhere you want, thanks to the rope on the top.

Product Content

Our "Cardboard Wheel Ornament - Gold Set - 6 Pieces"  product is designed to win everyone's liking. It is one of our decoration products to complement your party concepts. Our product is made of quality hard cardboard. . The package includes 8 products folded and Paper Clips for fixing.


The size of our product is

2 pieces of 40cm

2 pieces of 30cm

2 pieces of 20cm.

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