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Round Single Color Pop Push Push Anti Stress Bubbles Bubble Fidget

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Round Single Color Pop Push Push Anti Stress Bubbles Bubble Fidget

Pop Push It Anti Stress Bubbles Bubble Fidget

push pop bubble fidget sensory toy is a sensitive fidget toy, push and pop bubbles! Features: It is made of silicone, since it is tasteless, it does not cause any harm to humans or animals even if it comes into contact with the mouth. It improves your reasoning, increases your mathematical abilities, develops and protects your brain. It is made of quality and durable silicone material. This toy, played by pressing, is soft and useful. Lightweight, foldable and portable
You can easily carry and store it. You can play wherever you want whenever you want. It is a toy that you can play with your friends or family at home, office, school, travel, party, and many other places. It is a toy that everyone, young and old, can play and relieve stress while playing. It is a toy that can be played by anyone aged 3 and up. You can play with 2 or more people. How to play: 1. The player, whose turn it is, presses and pops as many balloons as he wants, provided that they are in the same order. 2. Each player can press 1 balloon at the same time, as well as 1-3 balloons, provided that they are connected to each other. Again, the balloons must be in the same order. 3. The last one to pop the balloon loses the game. 4. You can also create and play your own separate rules to play the push pop toy. Color : Blue, green, pink are sent according to stock availability. shape:Round size:13 cm.
Package Included :

1 Piece Pop Push Push Anti Stress Bubbles Bubble Fidget

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