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Tupperware Miracle Candy Mega Set of 3 Refrigerator Storage Container Blue

Product Code: 1366167
  • $51.72

Tags: Tupperware, Miracle, Candy, Mega, Set, of, 3, Refrigerator, Storage, Container, Blue

Tupperware MEGA CANDY SET OF 3

** Tupperware Mega Candy Small size is 2 liters.

** Tupperware Miracle Candies are medium size 3 liters.

** Tupperware Miracle Candies are large 4 liters

** You can easily see the food inside from the transparent window.

** Air and liquid tight lids keep food fresher and longer.

** Suitable for fermenting yoghurt, storing and transporting leftover food.

** Brings elegance in kitchens with its vibrant colors.

** Fill the container two-thirds full for optimal storage conditions.

** Dishwasher safe.

**     Tupperware offers ideal solutions in your kitchen.


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