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Tupperware Stylish Service 4.3 Lt Microwave Oven Heating Pot

Product Code: 1366172
  • $31.17

Tags: Tupperware, Stylish, Service, 4.3, Lt, Microwave, Oven, Heating, Pot


** Tupperware Stylish Service inner container is 3.5 liters Stylish Service outer container is 4.3 Liters.

**Special double-walled structure preserves the temperature of your food for a long time.

** Inner and outer body and covers are tightly interlocked to allow safe transportation.

** The cover provides two different usage areas.

**You can easily carry it thanks to its wide and ergonomic handles.

** Since it can keep the food hot for a long time, you can bring your food to the table before sitting on the table and serve it hot.

** You can use it for heating in the microwave oven. In lidded heating, it is important that the gap in the lid is in the open position.

** Not suitable for microwave oven cooking.

** You can use the outer container with its lid as a storage container.

** You can also use it for salad and fruit service in hot weather.

**     Tupperware offers ideal solutions in your kitchen.

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