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Tupperware Duru Olive Oil Pot 600 Ml Liquid Oil Sauce

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Tupperware DURU OLIVE OIL 600 ML

** Duru olive oil bowl 600 ml

** Duru olive oil bowl will be the crown of your kitchen with its stylish appearance, non-spill and leak-proof structure.

** When using the oil, it does not drip, leak and does not contaminate.

** It provides a comfortable and clean use with its special mouth structure.

** There is no residue in your oil.

** In particular, it prevents the formation of a bitter taste in your olive oil and allows you to store it for a long time.

** It allows you to store your leftover milk for a longer time without spoiling.

** You can put tahini, molasses, honey, milk, lemon juice, vinegar and pomegranate syrup.

** Thanks to its special lid, it preserves the food in it without spilling and air-tight with its tight closing technique.

** Olive oil covers are normally difficult to clean, but you can easily clean Tupperware Duru Olive Oil Bowl.

** You can wash it in the dishwasher.

**     Tupperware offers ideal solutions in your kitchen

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