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Tupperware Clover 550 Ml Single Finger Small Storage Container

Product Code: 1366180
  • $22.30

Tags: Tupperware, Clover, 550, Ml, Single, Finger, Small, Storage, Container

Tupperware Clover 550 ML

** It has one finger feature.

** It has a water and air tight cover structure.

** It is very comfortable to clean and serve as the inner surfaces are smooth.

**     Tupperware offers ideal solutions in your kitchen.

** What material are Tupperware products made of**

** Soft valves are produced from POLYETHYLENE. This material is also used in the production of artificial heart valves.

** It is slightly harder than the bodies and covers. It is made of POLYPROPYLENE. This material is the raw material of the inner body of the refrigerators.

** The raw material of the glass-looking crystalline series is POLYCARBONATE. This substance is the raw material of LENS, which is worn by people with eye conditions such as myopia and hyperopia.

** We know it is the raw material of silicone molds chest, lips, etc. It is the same as the put SILICONE.

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