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Bmw F20 1 Series D1S Xenon Bulb Femex Xenstart 4300K 1 Piece

Product Code: 1365796
  • $18.68

Tags: Bmw, F20, 1, Series, D1S, Xenon, Bulb, Femex, Xenstart, 4300K, 1, Piece

BMW 1 Series F20 2012 - 2017 Model Compatible with Vehicles Using XENON for Models with Original Xenon Headlights.

Sold as 1 Piece.

Original Factory Color in 4300K Off-White Tint.

If you want Whiter Color, you can find the 6000K model in our Store.

FEMEX XenStart D1S Xenon Headlight Bulb 4300K Off White

Box Content is 1 Piece.

Lighting Place Low Beam Lighting
Bulb Type D1S
Wattage 35Watt
Lumen Value 4400 Lumen Single Bulb Data

Voltage 12V
Brightness / Color 4300K

Warranty 1 Year
Box Contents 1 Piece FEMEX XenStart HID D1S XENON CAR BULB 4300K

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