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Volkswagen Passat B7 Led Xenon Fog Light Bulb Femex Premio

Product Code: 1365820
  • $39.53

Tags: Volkswagen, Passat, B7, Led, Xenon, Fog, Light, Bulb, Femex, Premio

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FEMEX Premium Series CSP Korean Led Xenon Led Headlight / Patented Warranty With User Manual

It has Chipset with Perfect Focusing System. It lasts longer and illuminates better than the original Halogen Bulb on your car. The focus rate is high. It illuminates the road and the front of the vehicle underway. The headlight does not darken. All of the LEDs (All Products with LEDs) are lightning effective. Since it has a fan, it is long-lasting and provides continuous cooling with air evacuation. It prevents dust from entering the headlight and throws the infiltrating dust out with continuous discharge. After the installation, the air evacuation of the fan must be left. Otherwise, the product may be deformed. In such problems, the product is out of warranty. Since it is a slim case, it is easy to assemble.

Lighting Place----Fog Lights Lighting

Led Type----H11


Lumen Value----4000 Lumen Single Bulb Data

Led Chipset Type------CSP 1860 Korean Chipset


Brightness / Color-----6000K

Lifetime-----30,000 Hours

Warranty-----1 Year

Box Content------2 Pieces FEMEX Premium CSP Led Xenon
+ Warranty Certificate + User Manual

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