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Renault Symbol Led Daytime Running Light Bulb Femex Premium T20 White

Product Code: 1366368
  • $12.21

Tags: Renault, Symbol, Led, Daytime, Running, Light, Bulb, Femex, Premium, T20, White

If you want Dark Orange or Red Color

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Headlight Led Type T20-7440 Single Lampholder 66smd 2835 Chip
Color Content White
Vehicle Brand Universal
Package Contents Set (1+1)
Lumen Value 1320 Lumens
Wattage 9W
Brightness 6000K
Voltage 12V
Lifespan 10,000 Hours
Box Contents 2 Pieces T20-7440 Led Bulbs

T20 Led Bulb is a product used for Daytime Led, Stop and Signal lamps of automobiles. It has different colors and strong light intensity.

Led Type : T20 Chip 66smd

Color : White

Usage : 10.000 Hours

Voltage : 12V

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