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100% Cotton Rabbit Playing Ball 10 Pieces Set Hospital Outlet (Pink)

Product Code: 1365959
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Tags: 100%, Cotton, Rabbit, Playing, Ball, 10, Pieces, Set, Hospital, Outlet, (Pink)

100% Cotton Rabbit Playing Ball 10 Pieces Set Hospital Outlet (Pink)

PACKAGE CONTENT : 1 Blanket (87*84) / 1 Piece Top Bottom / 1 Piece Footed Pants / 1 Piece Underwear / 1 Piece Body (Long Sleeve) / 1 Piece Body (Sleeveless) / 1 Piece Apron / 1 Piece Glove / 1 Piece Hat / 1 Pair of Socks

FABRIC PROPERTIES: Suitable for 0-3 months use. / Made of 100% cotton. / It does not contain any carcinogenic substances. / It is a 100% natural anti-allergic product. /  With its soft fabric, it allows you to move comfortably. / Absolutely does not contain nickel. / Made in Turkey.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Please do not use bleaching detergent so that you can use our products for a longer time. Do the washing, drying and ironing operations in reverse.

CERTIFICATE: Our products are produced from first-class raw materials with your baby's health in mind. It does not contain harmful chemicals for your baby. It has international production techniques and safety standards with Azo-free paint and Nickel-free accessories. High quality standards are registered with Oexo-Tex Certificate and GOTS.

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