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Bmw 3 Series Compatible Car Seat Cushion

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About product
Car Seat Cushion - Ergonomic Set of 2 Luxury Cushion Covers
For Front 2 Seats.

Thanks to its orthopedic structure, it grips your body.
It is sweatproof and nature friendly.
1. It is a quality product that you can use with confidence.
It provides ultra comfort with cambered orthopedic lumbar supports on the back and seat.
Thanks to the headrest extension on it, it is compatible with all vehicle seats with or without a headrest.
Optionally, it can also be used in office chairs in the office environment.
It adds a sporty and stylish look to the interior of your vehicle.
It provides easy installation thanks to the hooks on the back.
It is compatible with all domestic and foreign vehicles.
It is a universal product.
Compatible with Airbag.
Does not affect the operation of the airbags
It is easy to install. (Easy mounting thanks to the hooks on the rear tires)
It has non-slip feature.
Product sizes :

Product sizes

Back Area 52.5 X 61 cm

Seating Area 52.5 X 45 cm

Head Area 26 X 39 cm

Why Should I Buy?

- It prevents the original cover of your vehicle from getting dirty.
- It allows your children to play without dirtying the car seats.
-You do not have to pay for hairdresser, detailed cleaning (80% dirt comes back to the surface).
-Covers Cigarette Burns, covers and hides the deformed parts of your armchairs.
-Does not sweat.
-Stain-proof and easy to clean.
- It is a tightly woven fabric and does not wear out easily.
-Machine washable at 30 degrees.
It provides ultra comfort with cambered orthopedic lumbar supports on the back and seat.
-You will not find any other product of this quality at this price, please do not compare it with cheap products.

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