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Michelin Mc32484 32X32Cm Microfiber Polishing, Polishing Cloth, 2 Pieces

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Michelin MC32484 32X32cm Microfiber Polishing, Polishing Cloth, 2 Pieces

- With its soft structure, Microfiber Polishing and Polishing Cloth is used for auto polishing, after-polishing, interior glovebox polishing, glass cleaning, wiping plastic surfaces and other bright cleaning processes.

- The polishing cloth with a texture close to the natural gives the surface the necessary smoothness for maximum shine.

- With the microfiber polishing cloth, you provide perfect cleaning and shine.

- Microfiber Polishing cloth cleans all kinds of glass, windows, mirrors, TVs (LCD, Plasma, LED TV), sensitive surfaces such as computer screen perfectly without scratching.

- Provides excellent lint-free, scratch-free cleaning for glasses, sunglasses, optical filters, tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, touch screens, computer monitors, laptops, LED and OLED TVs.

- After wiping the surface with your microfiber cloth, there is no need to wipe it with a dry cloth. This cuts your cleaning time in half.

- It is also suitable for use on steel and inox surfaces.

- Thanks to its superior microfiber feature, it provides perfect cleaning without leaving any traces, feathers and stains on the surfaces.

- Provides a deep and hygienic cleaning.

- When the microfiber polishing cloth is used damp, it traps dust and dirt on the surfaces thanks to its high suction power.

- When used dry, its static structure absorbs dust. With this feature, it is far superior to standard cloths.

- Perfect for polishing or buffing the surface thanks to its superior Microfiber feature.

- Thanks to its superior microfiber feature, it provides 4 times better and effective cleaning than ordinary cleaning cloths.

- Removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, oil, polish, wax, insect marks, tar and nicotine marks.

- It does not leave lint and residue like wool and cotton.

- Suitable for polishing and cleaning operations

- When used only for dusting, it does not need to be washed every time. Simply shake off the dust or rinse under warm running water.

- Thanks to its special microfiber structure, it provides perfect cleaning in all jewelry and jewellery.

- Used in ceramic, wax, paste, polish, dry quick polish, top coat applications.

- Thanks to its double-sided use feature, it can be used safely on the entire vehicle body surface and sensitive leather, fabric, chrome, plastic surfaces in cleaning and polishing processes.

- With its 32x32 cm dimensions, it provides ergonomic use and fits in the hand.

- Ideal for polishing your car after washing it. It also removes water stains after washing.

- Safe edges minimize the risk of scratching.

- Only water is sufficient for cleaning.

- Made in Europe with high Michelin technology

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