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Michelin Mc32637 Ice Scraper with Fleece Gloves, Wiper Cleaner

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Michelin MC32637 Ice Scraper with Fleece Gloves, Wiper Cleaner

- You can clean snow, ice and wipers of your car or all other glass surfaces with a single product.

- Thanks to its special design, it offers 3-functional use with a single product, ice scraping, snow removal and wiper cleaning.

- With extra warm and soft cotton inner lining waterproof, durable gloves, you can easily clean the snow and ice collected on the vehicle and all other glass surfaces without your hands getting cold.

- You can keep your hands warm while easily cleaning the snow and ice on your vehicle in cold winter days, thanks to its cotton-filled glove.

- It cleans frosted vehicle windows, wipers and all other glass surfaces in winter without damaging the structure of the glass and the wiper.

- Before your journey, you will be ready for safe driving with the ice scraper.

- It allows you to easily and effortlessly clean the ice formed on the glass.

- It is designed and produced to be used in all makes and models of cars, home, office and warehouse windows.

- It cleans the ice and frost on the glass after frosting.

- It is designed and manufactured to prevent your hand from touching the land with its ergonomic and compact design.

- Thanks to its ergonomic and special cotton-filled glove and handle, it provides comfortable and easy use without slipping from your hand.

- Ergonomic and special cotton-filled glove and handle provide an easy grip without being affected by the cold and are non-slip.

- Easy to clean ice with ultra-strong, 10cm wide scraper blade made of frost-resistant polycarbonate.

- The scraper blade is made of 100% polycarbonate and is specially designed to not break even on the hardest ice.

- Special design notch to clean the wiper blades from ice and snow.

- Ergonomically formed 25 cm long shaft.

- Flexible ice scraper structure increases efficiency.

- The glove is universal and designed for everyone to use

- Your hand can easily grasp the handle inside the glove.

- Easily fits in your car's side pocket.

- Increases productivity with its 15cm long handle and flexible structure.

- 10cm wide, ultra-strong scraping edge with ice teeth.

- With its 21cm length, it is comfortable to use in narrow spaces, and the flexible structure increases efficiency.

- Produced in Europe with high Michelin technology.

You can use ice scraper products to easily clean your car that has frozen over in the winter season. Thanks to the ice scraper products, you can easily break the ice and easily clean it from there. Due to its structure, ice scraper products do not scratch the glass of the vehicle and do not leave any marks or stains. It is very difficult for the glass of your vehicle, which does not work from evening to morning, to become frosted and to be cleaned from there. Attempting to clean it by hand may damage hands and other foreign materials may scratch your vehicle's glass. Since ice scraper products do not take up much space, you can easily carry them in the trunk of your vehicle and use them when you need them, especially in winter.

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