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Sharpie Peacock Set of 28 Fine Permanent Marker Pens 2058158

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Sharpie Peacock Set of 28 Fine Permanent Marker Pens 2058158

You can easily use it at home, office, school.
The set includes 20 felt-tipped fine points and 8 fine-tipped ultra-fine pens, making it perfect for everything you need in your creative process.
While using ultra fine pens to draw contours, you can color your design with soft-tipped fine point pens.
The set, which provides practical use thanks to its fast-drying ink, is resistant to fading and water.
While the easy-open and close caps protect your pens against drying, you can attach your pens to your file or bag and carry them easily thanks to the clips on the caps.

Design, Paint, Color
With the Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker 28 Peacock, which you can use on paper, cardboard, stone, plastic, ceramics and many other surfaces, you can make everyday objects unique with your own designs and express your inner artist freely. You can decorate a concrete flower pot with motifs suitable for your home decoration and design mugs for your friends. All you have to do is dream and immerse yourself in the magical world of colors. Thanks to its water and fade resistant structure, you can enjoy using your designs for a long time.

Product features
20 fine points, 8 ultra fine pens
Easy-to-open clip-on lid
Water-, fade-resistant and quick-drying ink
Structure compatible with paper, stone, plastic, wood and many floors
Rich color options
0.9 mm tip thickness

Product Code: KRT-3200.20495

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