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Pensan Ofispen Black 60 pcs Ballpoint Pen 1010

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Ballpoint pens, which are among the indispensables of offices, are designed according to many different needs. When designing our pens, we make sure that they are both stylish and high quality. We bring together our consumers seeking comfort, simplicity and high performance with Pensan's modern style. Pensan ballpoint pens are produced with extra-low fluid ink technology, so they provide better quality writing. All our ballpoint pens are produced in our factory in Istanbul.

Pensan Group, aiming to make perfect and high quality production and to continue its activities in a systematic working plan, completed the studies to establish a quality system and received ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate in March 2004, after being audited by the German RW.TÜV Certification firm.

Pensan Ofispen, with its Swiss made nickel-silver nib, provides quality writing and lasts for a long time. With its extra low flow ink, your writings do not scatter and show longer durability. It has a hexagonal design for a comfortable and ergonomic grip. We bring together our consumers seeking comfort, simplicity and high performance with the modern style of Pensan Ofispen.

Product features

There are 60 ballpoint pens in the package.

·        High quality ink, seamless line

·         Ergonomic grip

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