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Pensan Büro 1.0mm Red 50 Pcs Ballpoint Pen 2270

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PENSAN BÜRO Ballpoint Pen 1MM 2270 RED 50 PCS
Pensan ballpoint pen is a candidate to meet your writing needs ideally. Its nickel-silver nib provides both a durable structure and comfortable writing comfort. This special set of 50 from Pensan, which gives effective results on different paper types, is extremely advantageous especially for crowded environments such as offices.
An Effective, Convenient and Comfortable Writing Experience
The 1 mm fine-tipped ballpoint pen helps you increase your writing quality and productivity. Thanks to the ultra-fine nib, you can write your articles faster, increasing productivity at the same rate.
In addition to the nickel-silver nib, quality ink also positively affects your writing performance. Thanks to this nib and ink combination, it is also possible to take notes quickly without applying extra force.
Writing with light force both prevents the hands and arms from getting tired and allows you to write long texts without much effort.
The extra-low fluid ink structure dries quickly when it comes into contact with the paper, preventing the writing from scattering on the paper. This eliminates the risk of ink smudging.
The ballpoint pen increases comfort with its ergonomic body and design suitable for body structure. The round body, which is suitable for your fingers, prevents you from slipping with its special texture.
Technical Specifications of Pensan Ballpoint Pen
Tip Thickness: 1 mm
Tip Material: Nickel-silver tip
Body Structure: Round
Color: Red
Package Content: 50 pcs
Quality, Day+F29:F39 is at the Top with its Smart and Ergonomic Products
Pensan, which started its activities in 1967 and established a partnership with the American brand Pelikan in 2007, is among the most preferred brands with its pen types that cater to different needs. The brand has children's stationery items, vertasil pens, ballpoint pens, markers, gel pens, pencils and erasers.

1.0 Mm Ballpoint Pen / Pensan Star Tech With Swiss Made Nickel-Silver Tip, It Provides Quality Writing And Lasts For A Long Time.
With its Extra-Low Fluid Ink, Your Writings Will Not Disintegrate and Show Longer Durability.
It Has A Round Design For A Comfortable And Ergonomic Grip.

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