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Balen Bay Leaf Oil Cold Press 20 Ml 2 Pieces

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Balen Bay Leaf Oil Cold Press 20 ml 2 Pieces

Balen Aromatic Vegetable Oils, which are obtained by using Distillation Maceration or Cold Press methods according to the structure of the plant, are produced in Arı Mühendislik Herbal Products Facilities, which have all the quality certificates in the field, as it is written on the product, and distinguishes itself from other plant oils with its quality. It does not contain paraben preservatives or similar substances. It is one of the Aromatic Natural Pure Plant Oils and contains fatty acids that support the continuation of a healthy life; It has also managed to take place in herbal care products.

What are the Methods of Obtaining Plant Oils?
As it is known, vegetable oils are frequently used in cosmetics, perfume and food industries. Different methods are used to obtain plant oils in their effective form.

Cold Press Method (Cold Press)

Cold Press Method is the oldest technique. After the foreign substances in the oil seed raw material are cleaned, the pressing process takes place in the presses without being exposed to high temperatures.

Oils obtained by cold press technique come to the forefront in terms of nutritional value because they are not exposed to high heat treatment during the process and no solvent is used during the extraction of oil from the raw material.

Essential oils are generally obtained from plant tissues by distillation, but Citrus oils are produced by squeezing the fruit peels of Citrus (Citrus) species.

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